January 26, 2005

These floating cities are nice, but not nearly as beautiful as a Fletcher Class tin can. Posted by Hello

Ensign Hagerty pretending he's a warrior. Posted by Hello

2002 Ops Dept reunion - Lorenzo Hagerty, Jim Thompson, Mary Ann Cooper, George Cooper, and Peter Bittle. Posted by Hello

2002 Ops Dept reunion - Marycie Hagerty and Jim Thompson. Posted by Hello

2002 Ops Dept reunion - Peter Bittle and his wife, Rhona. Posted by Hello

2002 Ops Dept reunion ... Lorenzo and Mary Ann Cooper, wife of the Ops Boss. Posted by Hello

This is an image of Santa that will give the kids nightmares. Posted by Hello

Remember our skinny Santa? When we had the costume made in Japan they refused to make it any bigger, as this seemed huge to them. Posted by Hello

I'm not sure where this is, but let's pretend it's 1SD. Posted by Hello

That's close enough. Posted by Hello

Ah, food! Posted by Hello

Those damn jipneys were always too fast for me to catch. Posted by Hello

Remember the dust in the air and the mud in the streets? Posted by Hello

Beautiful downtown Olongapo. Posted by Hello

Ah, our favorite liberty stop. Posted by Hello

Does anyone remember what this was all about? Posted by Hello

Repelling borders. Posted by Hello

The always cool, Peter Bittle. Posted by Hello

Getting ready to take on fuel. Posted by Hello

It doesn't seem possible that those huge planes can take off from that little deck. Posted by Hello

I'll bet he's making plans with a buddy for their next shore leave. Posted by Hello

We were always safe when Jim was OOD. Posted by Hello

Jim Thompson and Captin Netnin Posted by Hello

What a long strange trip this has been. Posted by Hello

I remember the faces but not the names. Posted by Hello