November 11, 2005

This picture was taken by Jon Kolb who was aboard from '67 through '69 and was an ET1 working who kept me out of trouble when I was the EMO and later worked for Marty McClean when he tool over as EMO.

January 26, 2005

These floating cities are nice, but not nearly as beautiful as a Fletcher Class tin can. Posted by Hello

Ensign Hagerty pretending he's a warrior. Posted by Hello

2002 Ops Dept reunion - Lorenzo Hagerty, Jim Thompson, Mary Ann Cooper, George Cooper, and Peter Bittle. Posted by Hello

2002 Ops Dept reunion - Marycie Hagerty and Jim Thompson. Posted by Hello

2002 Ops Dept reunion - Peter Bittle and his wife, Rhona. Posted by Hello

2002 Ops Dept reunion ... Lorenzo and Mary Ann Cooper, wife of the Ops Boss. Posted by Hello

This is an image of Santa that will give the kids nightmares. Posted by Hello

Remember our skinny Santa? When we had the costume made in Japan they refused to make it any bigger, as this seemed huge to them. Posted by Hello

I'm not sure where this is, but let's pretend it's 1SD. Posted by Hello